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A conversation with Bernard-Henri Lévy on fighting for European and American Democracy

A conversation with Bernard-Henri Lévy, French philosopher, writer, activist and filmmaker – and recent leader of a pro-Europe manifesto.

Location: The German Marshall Fund, TDWG member event

Bernard-Henri Lévy,is the author of over thirty books including The Empire and the Five Kings; The Genius of Judaism; Left in Dark Times: A Stand Against the New Barbarism; American Vertigo; Barbarism with a Human Face; War, Evil and the end of History; and Who Killed Daniel Pearl? In February 2015, he performed his play Hotel Europa at the Kiev opera house on the first anniversary of the Euromaidan’s toppling of the pro-Russian government of Victor Yanukovich and in various other cities (London, Spoleto, Odessa, Lviv, New York...) The rise of populism which promises to assault the campaign of the European elections in 2019 convinced Bernard-Henri Lévy to set out on the road again with a new play: Looking for Europe.  TDWG members have a unique opportunity to discuss with him how we can work together on both sides of the Atlantic.