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Tune in to THE CABLE - the transatlantic wire on security and democracy.

The Cable is a podcast production of the Transatlantic Democracy Working Group (TDWG) and the Institute of Current World Affairs in Washington.

Join us every other week as host Gregory Feifer, with TDWG’s Susan Corke, take you behind the threats facing democracy in Europe and the transatlantic relationship to tackle thorny questions, such as:

Why is populism popular?
How and why does propaganda work?
Who defines patriotism and how?
Will the transatlantic alliance survive?

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about this podcast

Democracy is under attack in Europe as the assumptions that underpinned the development of the E.U. and NATO during more than six decades following World War II are now under question. Illiberal governments are burgeoning in Poland and Hungary. A nationalist, populist wave has seen right-wing governments come to power in Italy, Austria and other countries. The European project’s previously stalwart leader, Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel, is on her way out, and her would-be successor, France’s President Emmanuel Macron, is unpopular and confronted by protests. And the main guarantor of transatlantic security, the United States, is led by one of the alliance’s most bitter critics.

Seeking to address these issues, the Transatlantic Democracy Working Group (TDWG) was launched last year as a bipartisan platform for discourse and coordination. We felt that the discussion needed deeper context. We needed The Cable.